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    The Spine Center at Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists in Morristown, NJ is a uniquely specialized surgical sub-practice wholly devoted to the treatment of lumbar spine conditions and to advancing the threshold of possibility for healing through innovation in lumbar surgical techniques. Our spine surgeons are committed to providing quality care to each and every patient that enters our practice.

    What Is the Spine Center?

    The physicians at ANS are committed to providing quality care to each and every patient that enters our practice. Our spine specialists are board certified and have completed their spine fellowships at prestigious programs. They not only spearhead groundbreaking clinical trials but also participate in national registries aimed at improving the quality of care nationwide. The team of dedicated clinical professionals in the Spine Center responds to every patient’s needs with innovative non-operative & operative treatment options. Our collective expertise and dedication are evidenced in our record of success with the most complex spine cases.

    Our neurosurgical team works closely with several Spine Center professionals—including physical therapists, pain management physicians, chiropractors and other qualified support staff—to provide access to world-class comprehensive care for spinal disorders at five locations: Morristown, Jefferson, Neptune, Teaneck, and Summit, NJ.

    When is The Spine Center the Right Answer?

    Whenever chronic, debilitating, or critical back or spine issues necessitate a spine surgeon, The Spine Center is the smartest choice. Note that surgery is not always recommended for all spinal conditions; in fact, we recommend surgical options only after curative efforts using noninvasive measures have been exhausted.

    Among the conditions that surgery at The Spine Center may address best are:

    • Compromise of neurological function.
    • Spinal instability due to infection, tumor, trauma, etc.
    • Lumbar herniated discs, that is, the rupture of the nucleus pulposus—also commonly called "slipped" or ruptured discs.
    • Lumbar or spinal stenosis, that is, narrowing of the of the spinal canal—the bone-encased tubular space through which the spinal cord passes—and related complications (e.g., thickened ligaments, bone spurs, facet joint enlargement/hypertrophy, bulging discs).
    • Unabated neck or back pain despite extensive conservative measures.

    These short overview videos give a more detailed look at both patient conditions and surgical approaches.

    The Spine Center: Surgical Innovations and Experimental Techniques for the Spine

    Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists’ neurosurgeons offer unparalleled expertise in an array of sophisticated spinal procedures for the treatment of disk problems, stenosis, tumors, fractures, deformity, and instability. They are highly trained in the use of minimally invasive techniques aimed at limiting tissue destruction associated with traditional open surgery. The Spine Center utilizes the very latest techniques and equipment available, including spinal navigation, disc replacement, minimally invasive decompression, fusion procedures, and Cyberknife for the treatment of spinal tumors. In addition, Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists’ affiliation with the nation’s top hospital systems means our patients can choose where they would like to have their surgery.

    Having an Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialist spine surgeon develop and oversee your treatment at the Spine Center gives you access to the cutting edge in spinal surgical options. A complete network of professionals ensures close monitoring of your case, whether your treatment prescription is surgical or nonsurgical. There is a clear difference when a neurosurgeon is managing your spine care—they have devoted their entire educational focus to the spine and nerves and truly know what is best for successful treatment. If you are experiencing any of the back issues mentioned above, contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help you stand tall and strong again. If you already believe you may need a spine surgeon, make an appointment here for a Spine Center consultation.

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